New Easy Install Coin Operated Timer


Still more to come on this NEW Coin Operated Timer
TIMER INSTRUCTIONS  Printable page Click here
Here are the selection buttons.

Push the menu button, until 01 is in display, it could show 08 this means it is in channel 8 ,push - until it is 01.

01 Now push menu 000 comes up This is for the number of coins to collect  ( eg $3  3 x $1 coins set on 003. $4  2 x $2  set on 002

Push menu 01 then push + for 02
02 is the time in seconds to select,  push menu 00 on display. push + or - to select your time.

Push menu 02 push + for 03
03 is the time in minutes, push menu  then push + or - for your selected time in minutes.

Push menu 03 push + for 04
04 is the time in hours, push menu then + or - for your selected time in hours.

Push menu 04 push + for 05
05 should be left at default setting 01.

Push menu 05 push menu 06
06 is if you want it to keep collecting or just the amount you have selected
Menu 00 is amount selected  01 is so coins can be put in and this adds more time.

Push EXIT to store programing. TEST MACHINE, PUT THE COINS IN